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Payment Methods

At the end of the order, it will be required to choose the payment method: you can pay by Paypal and credit card or by bank transfer in advance.

Paypal/Credit Card

In the case of payment by Paypal or credit card, you will be redirected to the site and here you can enter your Paypal account or choose to pay by credit card. In the latter case just enter your credit card number, card expiration date and security number (a 3-digit code on the back of the card) to proceed with the purchase.

Payment through Paypal is completely safe, protected by the best security measures and completely confidential between seller and buyer. Never in any case Paypal will transmit to us or to anyone else your personal payment information that will remain completely invisible to our website.

The choice of this option gives the opportunity to immediately start the processing and shipping because it eliminates all the processing time of the payment that is immediately accepted.

Bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer of the entire amount can be made to the account of Sibat Tomarchio, the bank details will be specified at the completion of the order. Once the transfer has been ordered, it is necessary to send a receipt with the identification number of the order by email to

The sending of the accounting allows us to start the processing phase but not the shipment, in fact, to proceed with the shipment of the goods it will be necessary to credit the amount on the bank account.