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Since 1920 our drinks are among the favorites in Sicily because they best represent the true and authentic taste of this wonderful island. They are prepared, now as in the past, using simple and genuine ingredients so as not to alter their unique and incomparable taste over time. Only the juices of the best freshly squeezed citrus fruits ripened in the hot Sicilian sun, the water coming from the slopes of Etna, rich in minerals with an inimitable taste, and finally an artisan production respecting the processing method jealously handed down for 100 years and three generations.

Today Sicily, the beating heart of the company, continues to be the territory from where raw materials come from in a short chain and zero km.

With a production of 40 million bottles, we reach over 1,400,000 families of Sicilian consumers, not counting the new “non-Sicilian” families in Italy and around the world who have been conquered by the goodness of our drinks.

A market that is fully covered both in Retail and Horeca distribution through the three product lines, the Classic, the Organic and the Delicious & Authentic.

Our reality

Step into our world

-300 Thousand Kg

Of Juices concentrate used each year. Equal to about 6 million kilogram of citus fruit, the fruit of 300 hectars of citrug groves

- 18% Plastic Weight

Of Weight on pack and packaging over
the past two years.

- 12% Co2

Reduction of immissions Co2
into the atmosphere

- 25% Water Reduction

In water consumption over the past
five years.

Certified raw materials

Secure payments

Fast delivery italy and abroad

Respect for the environment

Rispetto per l'ambiente