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Intuition, passion and almost a century of experience: these are the ingredients that constitutes Sibat Tomarchio.

It all began in 1920 in Acireale when the founder, Filippo Tomarchio, started the artisan production of the first soda in 250 ml glass bottles.


From the 20s to the 70s

From the artisanal production of the first bottle, the distribution of our “Gassosa con la pallina” – the characteristic bottle with a marble inside – has been confined for 40 years to Acireale with the sale “door to door”, strictly in wooden boxes. It was only in the 1960’s that we began to take our first steps in the province of Catania, to lately completely spread during the 1980’s in the whole region. In those years we made the first changes from the small glass ball type cork into the hygiene-saving cork and then into the “crown” one. We also started to personalize the bottle with the insertion of a real and proper label.


The 80s and 90s

These were the years of the first steps towards innovation. From widening the range of flavours – Chinotto, Lemonade and Aranciata were born – to the changes in packaging (formats and materials used), the objective was only one: always offer the best to our consumers. At the end of the ’90s, we started the first production of 1.5 and 0.5 liter PET (polyethylene) drinks and, with the new bottles, other new flavours followed: Agrodolce, Cola, Spuma and Ginger. We associate the production momentum with the distribution reaching the entire island.


The 2000s innovation, communication and market control

The new century opens with the face of the beloved Pippo Baudo, who for three consecutive years has been our testimonial further increasing the charge of Sicilianity linked to our image. The processes of technological innovation, combined with the ancient experience, consolidate our position in the Sicilian market, and thanks to the undisputed quality of our drinks we reach the leading position in Sicily in the categories of carbonated citrus drinks “Aranciate, Chinotti and Limonate”.


Tomarchio today

Our drinks are now a constant presence and a key elements of the daily Sicilian families’ life. In order to confirm the recognition of our consumers, in 2009 we launched a strong development plan, with the aim of strengthening our leadership in Sicily and opening up to the Italian market, continuously increasing the value of the brand with major investments in product, technological and environmental innovation.