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Production Plant

Our plant, in Acireale, extends over a total area of more than 11 000 square meters, of which more 3,600 constitutes the factory. The structure host both the area dedicated to production and the one dedicated to offices.

Production is carried out through two bottling lines, one dedicated to PET products, mainly the traditional 1.5 liter bottle for home consumption, for the 0.5 liter bottle and the convenient 1.75 and 2 liter sizes. The other, on which the main investments of the last few years have been concentrated, is dedicated to the bottling of non-returnable glass products, of 200 and 275 cc, the latter with a dual declination of traditional products and innovative organic “BIO” products.

Every year, 40 million liters of product and more than 300 thousand kg of juice, are processed through the plant. This correspond to about 6 million kg of citrus fruits, or 300 hectares of citrus groves.