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Red Non-alcoholic aperitif


For our Red Aperitif we have combined the unmistakable notes of Sicilian Red Oranges with the aromatic and sweet taste of Prickly Pears grown on the slopes of Mount Etna.

An unprecedented mix capable of revealing delicately at every sip a bouquet of unique and unexpected Mediterranea scents!

Its aroma is assertive and curiosss, its taste in the beginning sweet and delicate is completed with an exhilarating bitter note given by the skilful combination of spices and herbes.

Its ruby red color will be the undisputed protagonist of HAPPY HOUR!

In Etna water
Only natural flavors
Without artificial dyes
Without preservatives


  • Bottle price: €0,85
  • Number of bottles per pack:24
  • Package price: €20,40
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