The Local Tradition

Acireale Carnival, Noto’s Infiorata, Expo Bio-Mediterranean Cluster, Cous Cous Fest of San Vito lo Capo, Garden Festival at Radice Pura, Tutto Food, EtnaComics, Cibo nostrum, Summer Fancy Food, are just some of the great events Sibat Tomarchio has put in the calendar to enhance the two largest natural resources: the orange and lemon of Sicily.

Tomarchio also supports the island’s top events through its dedicated personalized label: a territorial marketing project that pushes growth and promotion through synergistic action with realities that represent the excellence of the sub-fund. Synergies that consolidate year after year, with new operations to support the touristic and promotional program of the land in which Tomarchio operates since its inception.

Tomarchio for Business

We transform the demands, needs and desires of our customers into high quality products, guaranteeing them the achievement of their goals in time and cost. Thanks to the high technology of our plants, to our thirty years of know – how, and to a quality system that meets the most recognized national and international standards, we are able to provide […]

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agrumi arancia rossa ribera Limone di Siracusa vegan bio usda organic anticontraffazione

Pagamenti e Spedizioni

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