Sicily in Fruit Line

"Sicily in Fruit" is a line of drinks from the origin of fully traceable commodities - and with PGI protection - dedicated to consumption at home. Sicily in fruit enhances the excellence of our territory and guarantees only the best Sicilian citrus juices and fruits. Red Orange (20% Red Sicilian PGI Juice), Red Fruits (17% Prickly pear juice, 3% Pomegranate juice and Mulberry juice), Lemonade (16% Syracuse Juice) and Green Tangerine (20% Tangerine juice).
Classic Line

A wide range of flavors and packages to fit all the counsumption occasions. Since ever, on the tables of the Sicilian families. The accurate selection of the ingredients, the absence of artificial sweeteners and the colors of the packaging contribute to make Tomarchio beverages a leading presence on the retail market.

Our Range

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